Ryder Richards is a Dallas based artist, writer, and curator participating in several collaborative projects. For more detailed information on his practice with images, reviews, interviews, and events visit The Archive
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Developing several bodies of thematically research based work Ryder's subject matter is often derived from his interest in cultural violence, conspiracy, and architectural influence.

I Could Love You LessI Could Love You Less Dallas Biennial 2014 I Could Love You Less (exterior)I Could Love You Less (exterior) Dallas Biennial 2014 Mass Ornament: I could love youMass Ornament: I could love you gunpowder, pigment 30"x22" 2013 Utopia: Practical NotionsUtopia: Practical Notions Studio install 2014 Utopia: Doubly MistakenUtopia: Doubly Mistaken 2014, pigment on paper, 15"x15" iCommiComm Flow, Collin College 2013 Safe: Preverbal IntimacySafe: Preverbal Intimacy BLUEorange, Houston 2013-14 Bypass a mere inability to exch...Bypass a mere inability to exch... BLUEorange, Houston 2013 Safe I: Contagious... Safe I: Contagious... hydrocal, gunpowder, 2013 Blocked III: Evidence was mountingBlocked III: Evidence was mounting plaster, paper, graphite 2013 Executive Order 13526, file 108Executive Order 13526, file 108 graphite, pigment, paper 15x26,2013 The Cube: InquisitionThe Cube: Inquisition pedestal, wire, light 2013 The Cube: IonicThe Cube: Ionic pedestal, acrylic,animated gif 2013 Deposition IV:Hold Back All My DarkDeposition IV:Hold Back All My Dark wood, acrylic_ 64"x36"x42" This problem is gonna last... This problem is gonna last... wood, acrylic, ebonized cherry 2013 ConcessionConcession wood, acrylic, graphite 2013 Conflicted (solo show)Conflicted (solo show) Roswell Museum, 2013 CoercionCoercion Anderson Museum Collection, 2013 CoercionCoercion Roswell Museum Collection, 2013 Fulfilling the Void (solo show)Fulfilling the Void (solo show) ENMU, Portales 2012 Fulfilling the Void: Phase 3Fulfilling the Void: Phase 3 ENMU, Portales 2012 TBATBA's "Mediation is greater..." Eastfield College 2012 BreechBreech wood, plastic, gunpowder 2012